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1992 L.A. Riots - A First Hand Account (Part I)

This is Part I of a X part series.  Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX, Part X

Disclaimer: Due to some good points brought up by readers, I will have to assume this account is not 100% factual.  How much is truth and how much is fiction is unknown.  Just keep this in mind.

In light of the Trevon Martin racial hysteria, I'm doing a little research into the LA Riots of 1992 to see what we are to expect if fuel keeps being thrown on the fire and it rages out of control.  I found a series of posts on from a man that goes by Texas Arcane about his first hand experience in the riots.  It is long, so I will break this into several parts.

Via Texas Arcane:
The truth is that the L.A. Riots were the most extreme physical terror I have ever experienced. Watching the recent remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD last month brought it all back very sharply - the whole movie was just one giant flashback for me.

Solsys, I was working as a security guard at the very high class Rodeo Drive boulevard when the riots started. I knew the verdict was coming down that day on the Rodney King police trial and I had been trying to get ready the best way I knew how, by stocking up on food and buying ammunition. At that time, I was not a true survivalist, just a nascent embryonic paranoid. I knew enough of my American history to be able to predict what the blacks would do based on their previous behaviour the decades beforehand if they did not approve of the verdict. I will say that 99.999% of the people I told to watch themselves before the riots were exactly as lame and feeble as we have often accused them of being here on AusSurvivalist.

The average person just has no idea of what a thin veneer civilization is until it cracks underfoot. I have to say honestly - neither did I before the riots.

The thing rocked my world so violently that I have never really been the same person. I think my personality was altered as a result of the riots and I have kind of been on another plane of awareness ever since. I never really came down off the adrenalin and returned to my sleepy eyed sheeple state afterwards.

Anyway, I had been talking to the celebrity slut that day known as Pia Zadora, a second rate softporn star who was rumored to have had sex with nearly every male and most females in Hollywood. She was asking for assistance with the lift down to the parking garage, which wasn't working. I radioed my supervisor to ask why the lifts were keyed off and he came back over the radio sounding really weird and frightened. He said "We're shutting everything down. I need you to make your security check right now and lock everything up. When you've done that, you are released to go home for the day, we are being relieved by some heavily armed private police who are being shuttled over from Beverly Hills." I asked what the problem was. Pia Zadora was staring at me like she thought this was some elaborate prank. "Listen, Cleve, some really strange stuff is happening. There are apparently spontaneous riots breaking out all over because of the Simi Valley verdict. Lock everything up and get yourself home immediately." I showed Pia Zadora the stairwell access, walked her down to the car and then did my security checks as asked.

I was supposed to meet my wife at Soup Plantation, a well known restaurant down the road. I couldn't get her on the mobile. When I got there and parked, there was a queasy air amidst all the shopping mall splendour and people had a frightened look in their eyes that I had never, ever seen before. The easy listening music in the restaurant was so mundane it was hard to reconcile with the outside windows, which had fire engines, police cars and people running on foot outside. I had planned to just eat quickly with my wife and go home, because I was having trouble absorbing the idea that this thing was possibly even worse than I might have imagined. I thought South Central was so far off, truth is it was about five minutes down the road.

People in the restaurant were watching the television reports, which were growing increasingly more feverish and seemed to just show one new burning building every thirty seconds. I was trying to keep a calm demeanour and went to explain to my wife what was happening.

All of a sudden, a woman in the restaurant screamed. A guy dropped his tray and soup went everywhere. A man was standing in the doorway of Soup Plantation and wobbling on his feet. Blood was gushing out of his forehead which had a nasty gash running right down to his ear. He yelled "They're coming! They are next door in the mall!! They're tearing everything to pieces!"

You could have heard a pin drop. Then the restaurant exploded with activity and EVERYBODY was crawling over the women and children trying to get to their cars in the parking lot outside. I'm talking blind panic here, people smacking into each other like they could not give a fugg less about any human in the world outside of themselves. A guy floored his Subaru and tore the toll gate right off the booth. Everybody else was following him out, the attendant was gone. There was cars hitting each other like bumper buggies at the carnival, nobody seemed to care, everybody wanted to get out to the street.

When we made it out onto the highway, I got my first look at the skyline since I left Rodeo Drive. It looked like the fires of hell were consuming half of the city. My wife was crying, she thought it was the end of the world.


  1. Welcome and thanks for stopping by my blog:)

    I have posted this with a link to you.


  2. Found this over at Irishman's place. I'm adding you to the blogroll at IIIPercent.

    I arrived in LA not long after the riots, spent several years training in Torrance and living in Venice. I remember the tension on the day OJ's trial ended, every human being in the city seemed terrified that there would be more riots if he was convicted.

    It was tangible. And I chose the word "terrified" for a reason - the folks who lived through the riots obviously lived through something that was straight out of a Third World nightmare.

    I am convinced the LA Riots will prove to be nothing more than a bland version of what is to come, nationwide.


  3. I agree with Kerodin.

    Once things go down the crapper. The LA riots will seem like a baby's temper tantrum.

    Folks have no idea what's coming.

    Thanks for the insight and I have added you to my roll as well.

  4. Found this over at Irishman's place. I'm adding you to the blogroll.

    Ditto.I was going between San Clemente and Saigon during this period, but watched it closely. Maybe all my ammo won't go to waste afterall.

  5. Another referral from Feral Irishman.
    This happened a year or so after my divorce, and I was living in Redondo Beach at the time. We didn't get any violence, but everybody was simultaneously freaked out, and glued to the TV,
    And we could see the smoke rising in the distance.....

  6. Gives me a sick feeling in the gut just reading that. I can't even relate to the fear. But I feel the same way, it can and possibly will be worse.

  7. When the checks stop coming and the cable gets turned off, LA will look like a warm-up act.

  8. Yet another visitor via the Feral Irishman! I'm adding you to my blogroll, too.

  9. marine 68, I accidentally deleted you comment, so I'll repost it myself.

    "The riots in 1960s Brooklyn were the same, even cops shooting cops. The scenario seems to be the same every time; an ethnic group is slighted and they burn their own neighborhoods and businesses. Innocent civilians are attacked and savaged, sometimes even killed."


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